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Revolutionary Medicines for Osteoarthritis Pain and Disease Modification

About Us

About Us​

We develop revolutionary medicines to reduce pain and disease progression of osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis affects 30 million patients in the US and leads to 185 billion dollars of medical costs annually. However, a cure still remains elusive. Our proprietary LEAD technology enables best-in-class medicines that can sustain multiple months of therapeutic efficacy with one single injection to the joint and minimal systemic side effects.

Our Technology

The joint poses major challenges for pharmaceutical development. The synovium presents as a barrier for penetration of drugs from plasma to the joint space, and the articular cartilage has no blood vessels and thus limited access to systemic drug delivery. Years of proprietary research have led to the discovery of our Long-Acting Extended-Release Intra-Articular Delivery (LEAD) platform that maintains continuous and stable pharmacokinetics in the joint for multiple months. Our groundbreaking approach empowers the perfect synergy of maximum therapeutic efficacy, minimum side effects, optimized patient compliance and excellent physician experience.

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“Jump into a world free
from the pain and debilitation
of osteoarthritis.”

Our Technology
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Get in Touch

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